In continuous evolution

#eatresponsibly !

Our continuous evolution today takes us towards a pizzetta that shows all our effort in the research of Organic Italian healthy ingredients. We want to convey our ethic in each process and always communicate what you chose to eat and feed your children since 1958.

there's only one Trieste Pizza!

Fresh Vegetables

Since we gained the ICEA certification we don't use tinned and long-life ingredients anymore. All the vegetables that you find on our Pizzettas are fresh, come from local fair trade cultivation fields and we work them in our kitchens every day.


Our tomatoes are organic, certificated and produced in Gargano (Puglia), where we have our fields. Every August, with the help of Triveri’s family, we select the best production and make the special tomato sauce that gives to our Pizzettas its unique aroma.

The Mozzarella used for our Pizzettas comes 100% from cow's milk. To obtain 1 Kg of Mozzarella, we use 7 litres of milk.

We use only 100% Italian milk.