A True Story

Artisan pizzaioli since 1958.

This is the story of a family and their pizzettas. It all started in the 1950s with the entrepreneurial spirit of Gabriele Ciferni opening the "Trieste" beach resort in Pescara, Italy. Over the years "Trieste’s pizzettas", easily identified by their size and taste, have become synonymous with the highest quality fast food.

 The beach in Pescara, where Vincenzina used to sell "Pizze calde e Bombe fresche" / The historical Trieste Beach Resort / Vincenzina e Gabriele Ciferni


Tradition, Taste, Attention to Detail and Respect are the foundations on which the success of our concept has been built - an authentic, all-Italian, product of hard work and great enthusiasm. "Trieste" is the greatest expression of love for local traditions and home produce. It has evolved throughout its history from the past and stretching into the future. Our concept will enable us to continue to create genuine products of the highest quality.
Nothing happens by chance. The essence of true craftsmanship is the daily repetitions of the same actions and is how this craft has been passed down from father to son. Through tradition we are able to continue to maintain the high standards of quality found in our pizzettas.
During each phase of production from the rising of the dough to the baking, the right blend of pastry is carefully prepared. In addition, our toppings are carefully combined to ensure the correct harmony between our flavours.

Attention to Detail:
We continually search for the most traditional and finest organic ingredients available. Our naturally-rising dough does not contain any animal fat which allows us to create a high quality range of great Italian pizzettas.
The ingredients for our toppings are carefully chosen according to their precise taste and aroma. We work closely with our local niche-market suppliers who produce the most excellent traditional organic products. This collaboration allows us to use the finest products that are specifically prepared for our pizzettas.

The respect we afford our produce is demonstrated by the great care taken in the preparation and production of our pizzettas, using only the highest quality, Italian ingredients prepared daily and certified to the highest standards. Our quality control system ensures that every ingredient used in every Pizzetta is entirely traceable. The guarantee we offer to our customers is a certainty in the taste and quality that has been part and parcel of our ethos for decades. Our inimitable pizzettas are so enjoyed – they have already been best-loved for over sixty years...

Gabriele Ciferni and his dad, beach of Pescara